What is gluconolactone?

Gluconolactone is not a common ingredient that you will find on most of the skincare products nowadays, however, this ingredient is great for reducing the signs of aging. So, what exactly is Gluconolactone? 

Gluconolactone belongs to a group of acid called PHA, it can increase rate of skin cell turnover, and hence improve the appearance of aging. It works the same way as AHAs, and BHAs, but it is more suitable for sensitive skin types. However, due to its molecule size, which is larger, gluconolactone is more likely to stay on the upper layers of the skin, rather than penetrating the deep layers of the skin. Therefore, gluconolactone will be less helpful with the wrinkles on the deeper layers of the skin.

On the bright side, Gluconolactone still has a bunch of other benefits:

  1. Anti-aging:

As mentioned above, Gluconolactone helps with reducing aging signs by exfoliating, this helps to remove dead skin cells and promotes skin turnover, and hence, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

  1. Hydration:

As gluconolactone helps to exfoliate our skin, this prevents dead skin cells to sit on top of our skin, and hence helps to regulate the moisture levels of our skin and locking in the moisture in our skin.

  1. Exfoliation:

Gluconolactone can exfoliate our skin gently, which helps to reduce blackheads and prevent the occurrence of pimples. In addition, exfoliation also helps to renew our skin.

  1. Anti-microbial:

New research suggested that gluconolactone have antimicrobial properties, which means it is safe for acne-prone, and even sensitive skin types

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