Nicotinamide Skin Benefits

Nicotinamide is an active form of Vitamin B3, which is an essential nutrient to our skin. Deficiency in Vitamin B3 might lead to several skin disorders, like acne or eczema. Nicotinamide is particularly outstanding among all the other amazing skincare products like retinol and vitamin C, this is because of its stability for all skin types and versatility for almost every skin concern. Even to this day, there is more ongoing research to demonstrate how amazing Nicotinamide is. So, what does Nicotinamide does for our skin exactly?


  1. Minimize redness:

Nicotinamide reduces redness and inflammation, which can be caused by acne, eczema, or other skin conditions.

  1. Minimize pore appearance:

Nicotinamide is very effective in reducing pore appearance and smooth skin texture. However, reducing pore appearance does take some time, but trust the process, Nicotinamide will do wonders on your skin.

  1. Lipid barrier:

Nicotinamide can build a ceramide barrier on your skin, which will help in retaining moisture. This is beneficial to almost all skin types, especially when you have matured and dry skin.

  1. Regulate oil:

Nicotinamide can also do wonders on oily skin, it helps to regulate the amount of oil that our glands produce and prevent our glands to produce more oil or sebum than needed, which can help in avoiding acne. So, if you have oily skin, don’t be afraid to use Nicotinamide on your skin.

  1. Treats hyperpigmentation:

Research shows that nicotinamide in the concentration of 5% helps lighten up dark spots on our skin by keeping new discoloration from appearing and reducing existing dark spots at the same time.

  1. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles:

Nicotinamide can also reduce damage from UV rays, which includes fine lines and wrinkles. It also boosts the production of collagen, which will help us to keep that youthful skin complexion. Nicotinamide can also increase the level of NADPH and NADH, which are both antioxidant that can slow down aging, this effectively inhibit protein glycation and mitigate intrinsic aging and photoaging.

  1. Protects against stress

Nicotinamide can build protein in our skin and lock in moisture to protect us from environmental damage, which includes UV light, dust from pollution, toxins, and so on, and this is particularly helpful for aging skin.

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