About Us

Women's in the past decades lives are under increasing pressure, not only are they busy at work, but they also have to take care of their families. Under long-term physical and mental stress, it is easy to cause different physical health problems for them. In view of this, DR CHRISTON LANLUIS, the founder of LANLUIS, learned about the properties of hundreds of plants and discovered that some of them can bring special benefits to women’s physical health, so she devoted to research and worked began in 1997.


LANLUIS, a brand originating from Northampton in central England, was founded in 2000, aiming to integrate relevant plant extracts into products with different effects, and through difference therapies, so that women can improve and enhance their physical health.


We focus on women's physical health care as the core of our products, including Women's Nourishing series, Breast Care series and Rose Anti-ageing Facial series. We hope that through regular maintenance from the inside out, let all lady will be healthier and more confident every day.