About Us

The Story of Lanluis

By coupling the power of natural plants with advanced scientific research technology to offer health to skin and to make the body and mind fill with joy.

Power of Plants

What has the longest life on earth? Plants! Plants have very strong viability. Even under very bad environment and weather, they can survive tenaciously.

Nourishing Aromatherapy

The main ingredients of aroma from the powerful viability of plants. Only those flower, green, root, and stem are in season and fresh could pass the strictly selective process by Lanluis. Chemical pesticides, insecticides, sprouting seeds or genetically modified components are not used in the whole planting progress. By using advanced extraction technology to extract and create all kind of high-quality aromatherapy products.

Process for the production

No matter scientific research, testing or production, the whole process passes the rigorous test and inspection. Our products are not only getting recognition certificates around the world but also offer the best quality and fresh plants power to all of you. This is the mission of LANLUIS too.

The name of LANLUIS

This is the name of a botanic garden from an ancient village in the UK. In this private botanical garden, only the garden owner can enjoy and watch all kinds of plants. Until 1997, a Chinese passed the garden and found that the owner grew a lot of plants. The two founded LANLUIS coincidence. They aim to offer health to the public by manufacturing a variety of high quality and efficient aromatherapy products.

Health-preserving medical science

We are very concerned about women’s health, so we wholeheartedly invent a collection of aromatherapy which is aimed at women’s mind, soul and health problem (especially ovaries and breast).  Through the sense of smell (to inhale through the nose) and direct contact (to the absorpt through the skin) to promote the blood circulation, boost the metabolism and help your body detox in order to reduce the risk of suffering from or meliorate urban disease and sub-Health.