Breast Smooth Light Mask Set

LANLUIS Breast Smooth Light Mask Set, especially a rejuvenating and firming treatment for this delicate and sensitive area. A message is necessary after applying Breast Mask so the active ingredients can penetrate and help to firm, shape, tone and enlarge the breast area. Two to three times a week treatment is recommended for optimum results in addition to daily usage of Lanluis Breast Booster.


-Regenerates new tissue cells

-Increases elasticity

-Strengthens the connective

-Tighten existing breast tissue

-Helps in reduction of stretch marks.

-Firms cleavage of breast tissues.

-Enlarge the breasts by lengthening and branching the ducts


cellulose, cellulose, protein, collagen, moisturizing factor, aloe powder, vitamin C & E, nanometer pearl powder.

Mask Set Content :

Light Mask 60g x 10pcs, Light Essence 110ml x 10pcs, Breast Booster 30ml x 1pc.

Item No.: 6010 (10 Times)

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