Female Nourishing Treatment Set

To reveal the secrets of staying young-the effects of a nourishing ovary, eliminating toxin and beautifying skin

Ovary – It is responsible for keeping tissues and organs active through the manipulation of the amount of collagen and water in the skin by regulating internal secretion; a healthy ovary not only enables skin to be rosy and elastic but also eliminates wrinkles and dark spots.

The ageing of ovary affects the secretion of female hormones, sexual functions, skin and female bodies; the skin will firstly grow sagging and wrinkling, subsequently, the ageing of the ovary will lead to endocrine disorder, resulting in decreased immunity of reproductive organs, gynaecological disease, early menopause and amenorrhea.

The healthcare of ovary benefits beauty therapy:

Regulates the functions of a female reproductive system

The healthcare of ovary strengthens ovarian function, regulates the secretion of sex hormones, and hence cures reproductive system problems.

Stays young

The healthcare of ovary delays the arrival of menopause balances the endocrine system enhances the immune capacity and keeps you youthful and dynamic.

Maintains your graceful figure

The healthcare of ovary stimulates and maintains the secretion of hormones, which facilities lipid metabolism, therefore, it helps to build a mellow, harmonies chest curve, as well as slimming stomach and waist, and repairing stretch marks.

Forge’s healthy mentalities.

The healthcare of the ovary can boost your mood, help you relax and improve your self-esteem.

The main functions of the treatment set :

  • Help relieves insomnia and weakness.
  • Help to improves the frigidity.
  • Help alleviates irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

Treatment Set Contain

Herbal Serum (5ml x 10pcs)

Tiny Serum (10ml x 10pcs)

Herbal Powder (8g x 10pcs)

Nourishing Paste x 10pcs

Healing Paste x 10pcs

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